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 Post subject: Re: First week with the GTE
PostPosted: Fri Jul 10, 2015 12:00 pm 

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Jon wrote:

shmern - I saw your post the other day and though I'd test it on the way to work this morning...

There seems to be only one way to get into Hybrid Auto mode and that's via the touch screen.
If you engage and then de-select E-Mode or GTE via the buttons, the car always switches to Battery Hold.

Having said that I do a little over 50 miles each way to work and in the last 3 weeks have tried all manner of different combinations to get the best fuel economy on the journey (when I'm not playing with the GTE button that is). There seems to be very little difference between Hybrid Auto and Battery Hold, they both seem to engage both the petrol and electric engines about the same amount.

The only real difference being that in Battery Hold mode, when you lift off the accelerator the needle will move ever so slightly into the charge side and you'll get a little slowing down of the car (nothing like as marked as when you activate the regenerative braking function), whereas with Hybrid Auto it doesn't dip into the charge side at all and the car coasts.

MPG-wise I can get 55-58mpg on the full 100 mile round trip, I use E-Mode for the first couple of miles (lots of hills) and then switch to Battery Hold when I get to the first big downhill section of my route - I'll occasionally dip back into E-Mode for some up hill sections but mostly forget. I switch to E-Mode when I'm within a few miles of home to use up the last of the battery.

The main saving (for me) is at weekends when pretty much all my trips are not more than 10 miles away, then its E-Mode all the way.

As for GTE... that gets me down to 40mpg at best, since a) it recovers as much battery as it can when you lift off and b) you don't want to lift off!!

Hope this is at least a little helpful...

Thanks Jon, pity about the touch screen only selection, but if the difference is so little to Battery Hold, maybe not a big issue.

Thanks again for testing! and any more information or pictures would be welcome :) While I wait for my car!


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 Post subject: Re: First week with the GTE
PostPosted: Sat Jul 11, 2015 1:06 am 

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Had my GTE a few weeks now and chuffed to bits with it, haven't been to the petrol station for ages :D

It all came about when my company car was coming due for renewal and I knew of the savings in company car tax for a hybrid vehicle but didn't want to compromise performance and driving fun so when news first started leaking about the GTE I knew it sounded good!

Information was sparse so I started to ask at the VW dealers, one told me I was in the wrong dealership and should be in the Vauxhall one - ha ha!

Eventually I found a dealer who seemed to know what they were on about and we agreed a lease deal, I ordered it and then waited ages for it to be delivered, mine was the first one they had on the road.

I had a call from one of the other dealers last week saying they had a GTE (demonstrator), I said congratulations, so have I!

My next challenges are to fit a towbar and work out why the rSAP doesn't work on mine (I bet it's an upgrade that I don't have).

Best bit of the car so far, the VW badge on the boot flips up when you put it in reverse and the reverse camera pops out - cool!

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