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 Post subject: GTE on test drive (2 days)
PostPosted: Mon Jul 13, 2015 10:35 am 

Joined: Thu May 28, 2015 5:08 am
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Had a GTE delivered this morning and have taken it for a spin on A and B roads locally. Still trying to figure out how to get the MPG for a trip - I think it zeroes after the car has been switched off for 2 hours similar to other VWs.

First impressions - Its a very nice car. very complex info system inside but I'm sure I will get used to it. Very tempting to fiddle with while driving although you can control most of it from the steering wheel - still a bit distracting.

WHY is Hybrid/auto buried in the menu system - why no dedicated button when this is the mode that makes sense if you are traveling anywhere more than 30 miles away??

e-mode is fantastically quiet. Very smug nipping down the shops.

Plenty enough poke to it even in Hybrid/auto. The GTE button was used a couple of times but to me didn't seem to make a huge amount of difference but maybe i wasn't flooring it sufficiently at the time. Couldn't even really hear the piped in sound. Then you have to fiddle with the menu to get it back into Hybrid/auto mode again (unless anyone's found a way round this?)

Boot seems significantly less roomy than a standard Golf due to the battery /fuel tank under the floor so make sure pushchairs etc fit.

My demo model has parking assist which I haven't used, don't need and won't spec when I order for real.

Adaptive cruise control is a tad unnerving but I've used it a lot - very good.

Interior is quality - I have the blue tartan seats which I like - I wont bother with the leather option.

The demo car is in slate grey which is very nice so I may well order this colour.

200 mile round trip tomorrow so I will report back on MPG if I can work out how to obtain it!

Oh yes, today I ran the battery down to about 3 miles range. I put it into battery recharge mode and drove home, a distance of 20.3 miles. Over that distance the battery recharged to a range of 20 miles. I don't have the stand alone MPG figure for that segment so don't know how much it killed my MPG by, but that is much quicker recharging than I was expecting.

Having said that the GTE is sitting outside happily sipping on mains leccy...

Hope this helps. Shame I have to give it back on Weds and wait 6 months..

I will report back with any additional observations after tomorrows 200 miles

 Post subject: Re: GTE on test drive (2 days)
PostPosted: Mon Jul 13, 2015 2:01 pm 

Joined: Sat Jun 06, 2015 6:17 am
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Hi Scott

Thanks for your thoughts on the GTE my company car is up for renewal at the end of March and I just don't know what to get, I was going for a GTD but I really like the idea of the GTE as it will hopefully save me at least £100 per month in income tax and possibly more but I need to get the figures checked.

The problem I might have is that I am a sales rep covering Yorshire and the North East so I do around 28,000 per year and currently I have an Audi A3 2.0 TDI which is nice and when I fill it up it reads around 580 miles in the tank but I hate diesel cars and thought the petrol GTE might be a good idea but I know what I am like and I just won't bother charging the car up at night much so I just don't know how much sense the car makes for me :)

I would want to use the car in GTE mode all day every day but I don't know whether that can be done does the GTE mode stop once the battery power runs out?

The appeal to me is obviously the benefit in kind tax savings but it would get tiresome if I had to fill it up after only 350 miles so any advice would be greatly appreciated :)


 Post subject: Re: GTE on test drive (2 days)
PostPosted: Wed Jul 15, 2015 11:08 am 

Joined: Thu May 28, 2015 5:08 am
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The GTE has gone back to the dealer after my 2 day test drive - Further observations after 200 mile round trip yesterday as follows.

First the MPG for the 200 miles - it ended up around 50 MPG over 200 miles which is a lot less than I was hoping for. I mostly used Hybrid/auto mode. The first 5 miles pootling along 30/40 mph roads I was getting 150MPG as the system was selecting the electric motor most of the time.

Later on I did hit the GTE button a few times to see what it was like - its good! On the way home some idiot in a people carrier (why is it always people carriers?) doing about 85 was sitting on my back bumper "flipping me the bird". I took objection to this and I hit GTE and floored it, leaving him behind rapidly. This made me feel a bit better and I returned to a sensible 70 shortly after m'lud, but my MPG for the trip was dented permanently!

Before my first pressing of the GTE button the system seemed to be keeping the electric range in the low 20s miles, which is quite encouraging. The hybrid/auto mode also uses braking energy to recharge the battery although this is a very slow process in hybrid/auto mode (compared to battery recharge mode) - I regained about 1 or 2 miles only.

Moral of the story if you want fuel efficient motoring (no surprises here) :

Charge the electric motor as much as possible
Don't drive over 70
Don't use GTE mode

I'm still not sure whether hybrid/auto mode (ie spin out the electric for as long as possible) or e-mode (use elec only then switch to petrol) is more efficient for longer trips. I suspect hybrid auto makes sense if you know you will travel over 30 miles and e-mode makes sense for sub 30 mile trips assuming you can recharge at some point.

Its a great car and I'll probably order it but I think the main attraction is low BIK for company car leasers. The MPG for quick runs is also spectacular so this would probably add up as most people's driving is probably short runs to the shops etc. If you commute less than 15 miles (or 30 miles if you can recharge at work) this car is a winner.

hope this helps

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