VW Golf GTE now on sale in the UK

The Volkswagen Golf plug-in hybrid GTE is now officially on sale in the UK!

The Golf GTE is available through any of Volkswagen’s franchised sales outlets (where as the e-Golf and e-Up are only at the 25 approved ‘e-Retailers’).

volkswagen golf gte forumWith a starting price of £28,035 after the £5,000 Government plug-in car grant, the GTE is the newest plug-in hybrid electric vehicle to hit the European markets.

The Golf PHEV has 31 mile electric range supplied by an 8.8 kWh battery pack.With the GTE name, Volkswagen is reflecting its standing in the line-up alongside the petrol powered GTI and the diesel powered GTD.

With 2 engines (a 1.4 litre, 150 PS direct injection petrol engine, and a 102 PS electric motor), the Golf GTE has a total range of 580 miles, and can sprint from zero to 62 mph in 7.6 seconds!

Charging the battery pack can take 3.75 hours in a standard domestic outlet, or 2.25 hours from a domestic wallbox.

Visually, the GTE combines the GTI’s C-shaped LED running lights and aerodynamic horizontal fins. The GTI uses red as an accent color, and instead, the GTE uses blue in place of the red across the radiator grille and into the headlights, as well as the stitching on the steering wheel, gear level gaiter and seats, and a stripe in the ‘tartan pattern’ on the sports seats.

Using what Volkswagen is calling an e-manager, drivers will be able to preset vehicle charging, as well as pre-cooling or pre-heating the vehicle while plugged in. These functions can be operated remotely via the Car-Net smartphone app.\

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