Volkswagen Golf GTE images leaked

Next month, Volkswagen is scheduled to unveil it’s Golf GTE plug-in hybrid electric vehicle. Ahead of schedule, however, images of the newest member of the Golf family have been leaked online.

As the images reveal, the interior of the Golf GTE looks very similar, if not identical to the standard Golf, with a few hints of the e-Golf and GTI visible. There is a large center display for the infotainment system which will, no doubt, include a range of GTE specific functions.

The Golf plug-in hybrid has been labelled the GTE because the automaker wants the model to be viewed as an electric version of the GTI.

Specifications are expected to match the prototype GTE, which are also the same as the Audi A3 e-Tron specs (the plug-in hybrid Audi that is set to go on sale later this year in the UK). Combined torque output of the electric motor and gasoline engine is around 260 lb-ft, and the prototype Golf GTE that drove could do 0-62 in approximately 7.6 seconds. Top speed was 135 mph, with a top electric speed of 81 mph.

The electric motor is powered by a 8.8kWh battery pack located under the rear seats. All electric range of the GTE is expected to be around 31 miles.